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This instructive is full of graphics, drawings or however you want to call them. They are "heavy" so they are slow to download. Why you don't just let it here, go to the kitchen for a snack while they download. OK??? Thanx for your patience. Any problem, mail me. Here's pique.

Well, Now that you have your game, you should learn how to play it. If you've read the books, it will be a lot easier, If you haven't here is a quote from the book, so you more or less understand.

"Now, Quidditch is easy enough to understand, even if it's not too easy to play." -Wood

"Quidditch is played on a field with a total of 14 players, 7 players to each team. Players are all on broomsticks and Quidditch is played above the field.In each team there are three Chasers. The Chasers job is to catch the Quaffle, a bright red ball the size of a soccer ball. The Chasers throw the Quaffle to each other and throw it through the opposite teams hoos to score. Each time they throw the Quaffle through one of the hoops they get 10 points. On each side of the field are 3 hoops. These hoops are guarded by a Keeper. The Keeper's job is tom try to stop Chasers from throwing the ball through his hoops by catching the ball before it goes in a hoop. Next are the buldgers, they are two jet black bgalls about the size of a small kickball. They chase after players and try to knock them off of their broom. Their are two Beaters on each team, they have a small bat like paddle that they use to hit the Buldger. Their job is to hit the Buldgers away from their team and hit them towards the other team and protect their players. Next is the Golden Snitch. This is the most important ball in the game. It is about the size of a walnut, gold, and very fast. The Seeker tries to catch the Snitch. There is one Seeker per team and the Seeker is fouled most often. If the Seeker catches the Snitch he wins his team an extra 150 points and ends the game. A game only ends when the snitch is caught."

Well, heres is how to play the board game. First of all, you should put the players and balls in their initial position. Like shown in the drawing.

There are 2 Beaters, 3 Chasers, 1 seeker and 1 keeper in each team. There are also 2 Buldgers (yellow with red dots), the Quaffle (blue) and the Golden Snitch (small ball with wings).

Now, you take turns. You must decide who will start, Here in the drawing above, red ones will start. So you must put the Quaffle infront of the principal chaser of that team. In each turn you have to do:

-7 Chaser movements (you can use some movements in some chasers, and some in others, for example, make 2 movments with one chaser, another 2 with another chaser, and 3 movments with another chaser).

- 2 Beater movements (you can use one movment in each, or both movments in one)

- 1 Seeker Movement

- 1 Keeper Movement

in that order. After each turn, each Buldger, will move One square in its direction. Also the Snitch will move one square in its line.

Now here we will analize, each player and ball.


There are 3 Chasers in each team. They are the only ones that can use the Quaffle, they move in the board trying to score the quaffle in any of the 3 rings. The chasers can move in any direction. But if they move backward, it will count as 2 movments. For example: I have 7 movements.. I can move 3 to the left, and 2 backwards. or. one backward, 4 to the side, and one to the front.

When a Chaser has the Quaffle, he can pass it, to any other chaser of his team that is in his way in straight line or diagonal, as long as any other player or ball is in the way. The pass will count as one movement.

When a chaser pass the quaffle, you put it infront of the chaser you choose to pass. If the chaser you choose have something infront of him, you can't pass it.

When a player has the quaffle, he has to move as if it was a 2 square piece. If the player can move but the quaffle can't, you can't do the movement. Or viceversa, if the quaffle can move but the chaser can't you can't move.

To take the quaffle from the opponent. You just put infront of it, and move, now its yours!


There are 2 Beaters in each team, and 2 Buldgers in the board.

The beater can move in any direction.

After each turn, each buldger moves in it's direction, the directions are showed by a dot, so they move forward in its direction, if they reach a board edge, it will bounce like shown here.

If they have to move where a player is, the buldger take the player's place, and the player must move to any corner of the board (the opponent will decide wich corner).

Any player receives this punishment from the bludger, except for the beater, who instead of being replaced, will decide the new direction of the bludger.


There's a Seeker in each team. The seeker moves anyway, straight of diagonal. He's the only one that can get the Snitch, the snitch moves in his line from one side of the board to another. When it reaches an edge he just turn and go the other side. The seeker picks up the snitch by crossing it in diagonal.

The seeker can't pick up the snitch if there's another player blocking his way.


The Keeper can only move sideways.

You GOAL when you put the Quaffle in one of the 3 rings of the opponent. (You have to put it, as if the ring is another square), although the Buldger won't go inside the rings, he will bounce in the edge.

If the keeper, is in your way to the ring, you would not GOAL, understood??

Well, now you know how to play, all you need to know now is that. The game ends untill the Snitch is caught. The team that catches the Snitch will get 150 extra points. And each goal, gives you 10 points. It's a little bit difficult to understand at the beginning. Please, any question, mail me, any suggestion mail me. Theres pique down there, click on him to mail me. Well, hope that you have fun! please try it!!!!! And mail me any comment.